Social Housing Delivery – An alternative Product


City sprawl, expanding highway traffic, provision 1300 Numbers Cost  of households, careers and infrastructure are all pertinent concerns that need addressing if fashionable modern society is always to turn out to be sustainable. This post critiques a project undertaken by Uk architectural studio place workshops that seeks to investigate these problems. Focussing on town of Gdansk, Poland housing is employed as being a vital medium where to begin exploring the linked issues.

Preliminary investigations on the target District – Wrzeszcz, which sits while in the northern portion of Gdansk discovered that;

Poland has the best overcrowding costs in Europe among the many population at risk of poverty – currently 64.9%. (EU27 eurostats).
The average floor place for your dwelling in Wrzeszcz in 50m.sq, but all over 30% of your obtainable housing stock is occupied by two or even more households.
Presented its inhabitants and housing deficit Gdansk must supply 25 households every week or 1300 a 12 months for that up coming twenty years so as to satisfy need.
The Gdansk Govt experienced £20,000,000 allocated in social housing subsidies for 2011 to construct a specific seven hundred homes.
seven hundred residences divided by £20,000,000 allows for nearly £28,500 for every property.
according to a mean cost of building at £900.00 for each m.sq this equates to a home size of 31.5 m.sq – smaller sized compared to the at the moment unacceptable ordinary of 50m.sq.

– Even so, simply to meet need they have to build 1300 houses a yr.

1300 households divided by £20,000,000 lets for £15,571 for each household – supplied a similar typical price of building of £900.00 for each m.sq this equates to a dwelling sizing of just 17m.sq.

The above highlighted the extent to which usual delivery procedures for social housing have been failing to offer a structure capable of offering the targeted amount of properties with the money readily available. Locations of price incorporate the contractors design charges. increasing land values and developer profits (20% of the total development prices).

From this the trouble was discovered; Ways to supply 1300 quality loved ones properties a 12 months with the future 20 years for £15,571 just about every.


Based on a traditional delivery route the associated fee of web site by itself exceeded the cash obtainable for each device. Therefore an alternative was proposed to obstacle this delivery product – a delivery model that will have to;

remove developer profit.
cut down development fees for each m.sq.
get rid of land worth from the equation.
shipping and delivery housing capable of comfortably accommodating a developing loved ones.

To start with, a self create construction approach was adopted as a way to clear away developer expenditures. Drawing inspiration in the function of men and women which include Walter Segal a form of timber framing was made being an easy, mild materials for in essence skilled long run inhabitants to work with. Regular size factors were being utilized throughout to stay away from cutting of components, all joints are overlapping to get rid of the need for your substantial degree of accuracy in development and all connections are created making use of bolts and screws allowing very simple fixings which have been reversible at a later day if necessary. In addition, all part are of a human scale indicating no big machinery necessitating qualified operation is necessary on website through the establish – even the necessity for concrete pouring is negated by means of very carefully thought of (and sustainable) foundations.